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Smart & Sustainable
Aeroponic Tower Farms

In partnership with Future Growing, San Clemente Urban Farms utilizes smart and sustainable aeroponics technology. No soil, less water, less space, and beyond organic -­ Tower Farm is the holy grail of Urban Farming, and we at San Clemente Urban Farms want to spread the good news!

How does

Tower Garden© work?

Seeds for the Tower Garden® are started in natural coco coir seeding cubes. After germination, the cubes are placed in full light for a week or two, where they can develop into hardy seedlings ready to transplant into the Tower Garden®. The Tower Garden® has a 25 gallon reservoir at its base. This reservoir stores the Aeroponic Power-Gro ionic mineral nutrient solution. Inside the reservoir is a small, low wattage submersible pump. The pump draws the nutrient solution up through the center of each pot all the way to the top of the Tower Garden®, as illustrated (Note that the tower in the animation is about half as tall as a commercial tower). From there, the nutrient solution drips through a special device that evenly cascades the nutrient solution over the plant roots. On the journey down the tower, the nutrient solution feeds the plants’ roots and becomes highly oxygenated as gravity tumbles it back down to the reservoir. This process is continually repeated, providing fresh oxygen, water, and nutrients to the roots of the plants.
Because of the design of the Tower Garden® system, the crops grow faster than they would in soil, and have to be harvested on a regular basis! As shown here, aeroponic towers can be lined up in double rows for several hundred feet, creating extra-large plant sites of 120,000 to 250,000 plants per acre.

Made with

high quality materials

The patented vertical aeroponic Tower Garden® technology is made from some of the best food grade plastic available on earth. Our plastic is FDA food grade compliant and free of harmful components commonly found in today’s agriculture-grade plastics. Additionally, we designed the Tower Garden® product for decades of use!

We’re here to assist you

with your first Tower Garden

San Clemente Urban Farms is available to assist you with planning, design and construction of your aeroponic urban or commercial food farm. Commercial farms can be for businesses at ground level or on rooftops, for hotels and resorts, for restaurants and cafeterias, or for schools and universities. They can also be in greenhouses and indoor spaces with grow lights, parking lots, or anywhere you can envision a farm.

Ready to start

your own Tower Farm?

Here at San Clemente Urban Farms, we strive to share our knowledge and passion for sustainable growing. Let us help you set-up your own Tower Garden in your business establishment or even right at the comfort of your own home. Fill out the form to schedule a consultation.