San Clemente Urban Farms

Care to share your passion for growing?

We at San Clemente Urban Farms believe in the power of sharing, and how a passion for sharing can change lives and communities for the better. Share your passion for growing by adopting a Tower Garden, or donating an amount.

Grow the Farm

Donate $1,500.00 (100% Tax Deductible)

This will provide an additional tower for the farm and increase our growing volume. We currently have 40 towers in service to our community. In planning our farm, we designed it with the capability to expand to 80 towers. We have already installed adequate electrical and plumbing infrastructure to do so.

Here is the math, 44 growing spaces per tower x 40 = 1,760 living produce units that harvest every 4-6 Weeks! You can help us reach our expansion goal of 52 towers in 2023! We will mount Your Name or Your Company’s Name on the tower that you donate for all to see, and of course you are welcome to visit anytime!


Give a Tower

Help families grow their own nutrient dense food

Purchase a tower for a local family and help them grow their own nutrient dense, clean food. We take applications and carefully choose a family. You can designate a local family or active military families/ Camp Pendleton.

Please set the shipping address for the tower to:
San Clemente Urban Farms
920 Calle Negocio
Suite C
San Clemente, CA 92673


Buy a Tower

Choose between Tower Garden Home or Tower Garden Flex

Purchase on our website and help us raise funds. Tower Garden Home $80.30 per month for 12 months (click link) Tower Garden Flex $51.67 per month for 12 months (click link). We will help you with set up of your tower, you will get unlimited support, discount on classes, first pick and special pricing on seedlings and discounted nutrient blend.

Know where your donation goes to!

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