San Clemente Urban Farms

We use the Tower Garden growing system to help provide fresh fruit and vegetables to local food banks and families.


We started the farm as a way to help the community and serve people in need. We knew with Tower Garden we could provide healthy food quickly and in great quantities. Our mission is to supply local food banks and families with the highest quality food that is truly beyond organic.


With the use of Tower Garden, our high-quality product is not only nutrient dense, but free of pesticides and chemicals, is non-GMO, and beyond organic. We even offer classes and socials to help teach the community so people can grow their own food of this quality.

We only use the best and trusted technology in aeroponics to produce fresh and healthy foods.


San Clemente Urban Farms founders Greg Licht selected Future Growing’s® vertical aeroponic Tower Garden® technology because Future Growing® has a very successful and proven track record –establishing hundreds of urban farms with its vertical aeroponic technology across the country – and the vertical tower farm is ideal for small urban settings like this one. Utilizing Future Growing®’s aeroponic technology which re-circulates valuable water…

California Certified Grower/Producer 

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We are passionate about sharing our passion for growing. Check out our calendar and we hope to see you at our events!

Be a vital part of the Urban Farming community! Your donation will go a very long way in ensuring that local, organic, and fresh food is produced.

We believe in community supported agriculture. Come and join us to get your supply of local, organic, and fresh produce.

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Farm Address:
Bella Collina Golf Club
200 Avenida La Pata
San Clemente, CA 92673

Corporate Address:
920 Calle Negocio, Suite C
San Clemente, CA 92643

Hours of Operation:
Farm Stand Sales Hours
1st & 3rd Saturdays | 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

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